How it Works and What it Does.


Triple Base Technology divides the nose and tail in 3 sections: A left sidebase to turn left, a centerbase section to go straight and a right sidebase to turn right.

The up turned sidebases make initiating turns easier and faster, with less effort. The total uplift distance starts at zero under the bindings, growing to maximum at the widest points of the board. This puts the control under your feet without losing control outside the bindings.

As you initiate a turn the contact edge grows from your bindings to give a full traditional edge grip over the entire effective edge when fully committed.

The uplifted sidebases make your board forgiving when going straight (like a rocker) when you tilt the board to just a few degrees the full contact edge engages, without the torsional stress of a traditional camber board.

Because the board has no edge-to-edge concave between the bindings and a full tip-to-tail camber down the center of the board, you keep all the performance and control of a traditional camber board. At the same time, the angled sidebases give you the playfulness, forgiveness and powder float we have come to appreciate from rocker shapes.

3BT combines camber and rocker into one shape, and it actually works, but don’t believe us...



With enough pressure to engage the whole edge (just 2-3 degrees), the contact edge has the same shape as a traditional camber board, but the pressure is equal along the whole edge and no torsional stresses are introduced.


With a tiny amount of pressure, the sidebases start to engage near the bindings, but the pressure remains constant along the contact edge.


When riding on a flat base, only the centerbase section is in the snow, so the board travels in a straight line.